Dog Vitamins And Minerals

Natural Pet Supplements

We founded Pet Mineral Laboratories based on our own experience managing the health and well-being of active dogs. The pet vitamins that we sell were developed from extensive market research we undertook while searching for high quality pet supplements to help our own pets with health challenges and recovery from surgery.

We spent many months and talked with suppliers all over the United States in our search for great quality science-backed pet vitamins for dogs and cats that are safely produced in hygienic laboratory facilities. All natural organic supplements that are nutritious and promote holistic health, and easily digestible with flavor profiles that your pets will enjoy just like a daily treat.

Our cat and dog supplements were developed with feedback from pet owners, just like you, in response to demand for the most common ailments that affect the quality of their pets lives:

Your beloved pets and fur babies are important members of your family and deserve the same great care and nutrition that you do. In particular, we want to aid your sick or recovering dogs and cats to regain their health. Also we aim for your older dogs and cats to continue living an active lifestyle in good health for as long as nature allows. Our goal is to help your pets look, feel, and be their best, with plenty of pep and vitality!

Pet Mineral Laboratories organic pet supplements are veterinary-grade products are created by skilled laboratory technicians for optimal feline and canine health. We are continuing to bring new products to market as our research develops. To keep up to date with the latest news in pet nutrition and healthy supplements for your cats and dogs, sign up for our newsletter below.