Dog Vitamins

Which Dog Supplement Do I Choose?

  • Select product based both on the variety and concentration of vitamins and minerals included.
  • When the goal of supplementation is to increase the nutrient content of the diet, a supplement with a broad variety of vitamins and minerals is most appropriate.
  • Where a specific problem is suspected or identified a targeted supplement with a high concentration of a specific few selected vitamins or minerals is more appropriate.

Do you take a daily multivitamin? Perhaps you’ve considered if your dog can benefit from one as well. Some estimates say that around one in three dog owners give their canine supplements.

Dog multivitamins and mineral supplements are useful when your dog is in need of an overall increase in the nutritional value of their diet, to ensure that your pet receives those vitamins and minerals essential for health and vitality.

How do you know if your dog could benefit from a vitamin supplement?

  • Your dog is diagnosed with a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or a disease that can be treated with a supplement
  • You cook your dog’s meals at home: fresh foods for your canine are great for health, but it’s unlikely that you’re calculating exactly how much of each vitamin your dog is getting. A multivitamin can help fill gaps you may be unaware of
  • Dogs on Low Quality Diets: Poor quality dog food is typically cheaper because they have lower protein content and quality and also because they do not include vitamin and mineral fortification. Without additional vitamins and minerals, dogs on poor quality can suffer from deficiencies
  • Dieting Dogs: obesity in dogs leads to numerous preventable conditions, so obese animals are recommended to diet. The easiest way for the dog to diet is for the owner to feed less, which can result in deficient intake of essential vitamins and minerals for the dog. Supplements help compensate and maintain recommended levels of vitamins and minerals without adding calories
  • Young Dogs: rapidly growing dogs, particularly large breeds, have the greatest requirement for vitamins and minerals. Supplements ensure their needs are met and growth rate maintained
  • Older Dogs: as a dog ages, digestive efficiency is reduced, meaning less nutrients are absorbed from the food. Supplements for older dogs helps ensure nutrient requirements are met
  • Your dog has arthritis or joint discomfort: older dogs are prone to joint and mobility problems. Glucosamine, Chondroitin & Omega 3 supplements can help
  • Dogs Recovery from Illness or Surgery: nutritional demands are increased in dogs recovering from illness. The body uses up many nutrients in fighting infections and repairing injuries, while your dog may suffer a reduced appetite and digestive discomfort from their medication. Supplementation at these times ensures nutrient supply to maintain recovery and return to normal condition.

Pet Mineral Laboratories supplements are an easy-to-use addition to your dog’s nutritional intake, containing both macro and trace elements that can be relied on to benefit your dog. Veterinary quality vitamin/mineral supplements for dogs are ideal as a healthy treat and complement all diets. Suitable for puppies and dogs, especially in times of need like illness, stress and pregnancy.

Just like in humans, vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and probiotics help a dog’s body to function properly, regulating everything from digestion to muscle growth. Deficiencies can cause health problems in the short- and long-term.

Pro Animal Health Solutions

Our sucess developing supplements is driven by three main ingredients.


Conceived By Innovation. Merging the highest quality, veterinarian grade ingredients with highly advanced mineral technology, we produce the most innovative pet supplements on the market.


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